Friday, May 9, 2008

Mothers Day Cards - Mothers Day Comments

Hey! Here's another awesome reason to celebrate Valentine's Day even though Valentine's Day is actually far away. Wondering what I am talking about? Mother's Day! Yes... Mothers Day is again another time to make your wife feel special -- especially if she is pregnant or has just stepped into the world of motherhood. Doesn't matter if she is the first time mother or second time or has just adopted a child, she deserves some really special wishes this Mothers Day.

Here are some of the best Mothers Day comments I have ever seen and I just want to share these with you. Send these free Mothers day cards to your wife if she is living away. Also send these free Mothers day cards to your friend's wife or your wife's friends who are either expecting a baby or have just become mothers.

Thank Her

Thank You! Reach out to your loved one with this warm 'Thank You' wish.
You Will Always Remain Special... With this warm 'Thank You' ecard wish someone close on Mother's Day.

A Bouquet Of Thanks... Send it across with a wish for a beautiful day!
For Making Mom's Day Special... Has someone made you feel special on Mom's Day? Send a warm Thank You!

Warm Thanks! Did your son/daughter/loved one make this Mother's Day special for you? Send this warm ecard to say, Thank You.
Thanks And Brownie Points! Say Thanks to your son/daughter/loved one for sending you a card on Mother's Day.

A Bundle Of Thanks! Thank your son/daughter/loved one for making this Mother's Day a memorable one for you.
Thanks Mom! Say a heartfelt 'Thank You' to Mom, for the way she has raised you.

Give Her Hugs

To Bug Or To Hug? Tell her for once you aren't gonna bug her but give her a big hug! She'll love it!

I've Got A Very Special Gift... With lotsa e-hugs and e-kisses surprise your mom/sis/aunt/grandma on Mother's Day.

It's Mother's Day! Make your mom/friend/sis/loved one smile as you wish her warmly with various kinda e-hugs on Mother's Day.

Wrapped With All My Love... Send a big warm hug to wish your mom/sis/grandma/aunt a wonderful Mother's Day.

What's Warm, Fun With U In It? It's A Hug! Send a big bear hug to Mom on Mother's Day!

Biggest Hug! She always has a hug ready for you! On Mom's Day surprise her with the biggest hug you can give!

You Make My Day... Jus' hop in her arms to wish her a wonderful Mother's Day.

The Hug Store! Send her a cart full of hugs on Mother's Day!

Make Her Smile

I Was Searching For A Special Gift... A cute ecard to make your mom roll with laughter on Mother's Day.
Mom! Solve This Puzzle... A fun filled ecard to wish your mom a beautiful 'n sweet Mother's Day.

Super Mom! She can do everything and yet manage to keep a smile on. Make her feel good and send her a super wish!
Pretend You Are Me! A cute li'l advice to make your mom's/dear one's day a relaxing one.

Priceless Feelings... A fun-n-funky Mother's Day card to bring a smile on your mom's face.
Motherhood Surprises! Wanna bring a smile to her face? Click on this one and wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day!

Jeans Change But Genes Matter! Tell her that a Mom like her is always in vogue!
Homeland Security! Your mom makes your home a happy and secure place! Send her a funny she'll love!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Valentines Day Everyday -- Reach Out To Your Love

Hey! I'm here again after a long span of time. I think I am getting more and more romantic at heart day by day. I don't know why suddenly I felt that everyday should be a valentine's day and I could get valentine's day cookies and valentine's day rose. I don't mind giving them the same every day.

I was looking for some really special way to reach out to Natasha this fine morning and landed on something that I can't resist my temptation to share it your guys.

Send this Love Card
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