Monday, November 26, 2007

Countdown for Christmas starts!

Are you planning to give your sweetheart a surprise gift or intend to go for buying the presents together? What are the other plans for the holiday season? Not even a month is left for Christmas and I have already started the preparations. I have made the "blog decor" by this funky Christmas countdown widget. Check it out. It's perfect virtual Christmas tree to pimp for your profile.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gifts for sweetheart!

So what are you giving you sweetheart on this Thanksgiving? If you haven't decided or are extremely confused, then here are few tips which can help you in selecting the unique gift for the special person.

You can opt for a unique personalized Glass Sun Catcher for him or a exquisite vanity tray for her.

If this is the first holiday that you will be spending with the family of your boyfriend or girlfriend, then just remember few things:

Try to meet as many members of your partner's family before Thanksgiving so that you will be at ease with them during the party.

Be a polite,courteous and respectful guest as you have been invited to their home.

Try to help out in the work as there are plenty of work on Thanksgiving feast.

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